Avia-GISAvia-GIS “Agriculture and Veterinary Information and Analysis” is a Belgian consultancy company founded in 2001 that specializes in the collection, processing and analysis of spatial information, and the development of space-time information systems with particular reference to animal health and production, agriculture, public health and health-environment. Emphasis is put on vector-borne diseases, zoonoses and emerging diseases.

Avia-GIS focuses on the application of state of the art techniques that broaden the scope of conventional analyses and decision-making through the inclusion of geographical information systems (GIS), satellite imagery methodologies, data warehousing and custom software development.

Avia-GIS contact
Agro-Veterinary Information and Analysis
Risschotlei 33, B-2980 Zoersel, Belgium
Tel/fax: +32 3 458 29 79